Lent Guide

Lent, coming from a Saxon word meaning “to lengthen”—in connection with the lengthening of days that come in the early Spring—is a time of denial, NOT for denial or asceticism’s sake (Colossians 2:16-18), but, much like a fast, denial for preparation and heart-check sake.

To quote Chuck DeGroat, “Lent invites us to join Jesus on the way to the cross. Lent is not a behavioral modification program, instead Lent affords an unique opportunity, by God’s grace, to journey in a time of revelation as well as preparation leading up to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday and ultimately in the Easter reality of God’s resurrection life.”

Lent is a season that culminates with the joy of the empty tomb but also reminds us of the
journey taken to get there. A time of denial resulting in life that is truly life. Lent goes much farther than giving up chocolate but provides time for prayer and reflection as well as for God to get our attention. Where do we need a breakthrough, what is keeping us from healing, where are those areas of defensiveness?

Most often people “give up” one thing for Lent: caffeine, chocolate, TV, etc.—but what we are inviting you to is to participate corporately with the Westside body in a series of weekly readings. You can certainly choose to give something up as well.