Contentment & Singleness

How to think Christianly about singleness in a postmodern world.

Training Day INFO

Date: Feb 22, 2018
Time: 7pm- 9:30pm
Place: The Centre
Room: TBD (Based on Registration)
Registration: Required (Please register below.)

This one-evening session will seek to address some of the common questions and possible confusion that come with being single and Christian in today’s world.

Some examples of questions that will be addressed are:

  1. How do I respond to and navigate parental pressure?
  2. Is marriage God’s only cure for loneliness?
  3. What’s the harm in dating someone who doesn’t share my beliefs?
  4. What requirements should I have and when do they become debilitating?
  5. How do I overcome being burned in the past?

There will be additional questions—and much more that we discuss—as well as plenty of time for questions and response.