Westside Moms

Westside Moms is just a group of moms from Westside that get together about once a month. Our desire is to encourage moms of all different stages to enjoy time together, whether kids are at home, school, or grown up. This is such a great opportunity for moms to be able to relate with each other in various journeys of parenting and faith through conversations about personal experiences, books read, Westside messages, biblical parenting classes, on-line pod-casts and whatever else is going on in our lives. This is a very ‘relaxed’ group, with our goal simply to connect moms to each other and to the church.

We meet at different locations and do different things a few times a year. You can check out the upcoming events on the City.

Westside Moms Morning – Spring Event 

Thursday, May 25
More info and RSVP here on The City

Join the North Shore Moms group on The City.
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