2016 Is God Anti-Gay Conference Media

Christians, the church, and the Bible seem to be at radical odds with modern attitudes towards homosexuality.

Our speaker, author and Pastor Sam Allberry, shares his approach to this topic while having lived with same-sex attraction since his early teen years. For more on Sam and his ministry visit http://www.livingout.org

This conference is based on his book Is God Anti-Gay?: and other questions about homosexuality, the Bible and same-sex atraction and aims to equip Christians and skeptics alike to be able to understand and articulate the message of the Bible on this issue, and answer some modern questions and objections surrounding the historical Biblical position.

The conference is broken into five sessions:

Session 1: Is it good news? Homosexuality and the Gospel
Session 2: What does God think? Homosexuality and the Bible
Session 3: A hundredfold: Homosexuality and the Church
Session 4: Hope and joy: Homosexuality and the Christian
Session 5: Q & A

Video Content: find it on our YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/wchurchvancouver

Audio Content: find it HERE on the Vanoucouver Campus Page