Families In Community Groups


What about kids?

Our biggest desire for Community Groups is that everyone regardless of age is being discipled in a CG, including your kids. In other words, we desire that they grow up with a community of believers pouring into their lives. What this looks like practically is up to you.

A Community Group is the people, not the meetings or weekly gatherings, of your group. Discipling your kids doesn’t necessarily mean your kids are a part of all your CG’s official meeting times but they are fully a part of that CG in some form. Your kids may not attend Bible study nights, but may encounter your CG when you invite some of them over to your house for dinner or invite them into the everyday activities of your kids (school, sports, etc.). How you involve them in those meetings is up to you, but regardless, they are still a part of the CG. For example, your CG might decide to help paint your neighbour’s house, or rake your block’s leaves, or feed the homeless in your area, and you bring your kids along.

In regards to the meeting times, one idea is to have a babysitter that your CG fundraises for so you can go to the group’s PSC/Bible night, or another is to bring them and rotate with other families week to week to watch the kids, play with them, and teach them the Bible. Or if they are young you could put them to sleep in another room. If your kids are older, they might love getting together with your CG in discussions and participation.

As parents, only you know your kids’ lives, schedules, abilities, weekly activities and best way to incorporate them into the life of a Community Group. Therefore, it is up to you to decide with your CG leader how the CG can involve your kids and vice versa. The key as a parent is to make opportunities in the everyday activities of your kids’ lives for your CG to be a part of and invite them into it when you can and in a way that is life giving for your family.