Biblical Parenting


Date: October 13, January 19, April 13
Time: TBA
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God has given Christian parents the privilege and responsibility of raising their children to know and love Jesus Christ, but the church is here so that every follower has a community of believers around them for help and support. So, the main job of Family Ministries at Westside Church is to help and support parents as they seek to lead their family in the ways of the Lord. These biblical parenting classes are designed to do just that. 

The classes are designed with 2 key questions in mind:

  1. What does the word of God teach us about a given parenting issue?
  2. How do we put that into action in our daily lives?

Topics we will cover are:

  • Parenting defined, culturally and biblically
  • Brief overview of the gospel and each family member's need of the cross
  • The relationship between God's sovereignty and a parents responsibility
  • Why children reject the gospel
  • Roles for mom and dad
Application forms to dedicate a child will be given out at the class.
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The complete set of Biblical Parenting classes (so far):

These courses will be offered periodically each year:
    101 – The Big Picture
    102 – Your Child & Salvation
    103 – Effective Discipline
    104 – Training & Instructing Children
    105 – Engaging in Media & Culture with Your Children
    106 – Sexuality, dating and relationships
    107 – Sexuality & Gender

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